New Layout and Logo on Icing

Dear Followers and Readers, I have moved my site to a self-hosting domain. You can still find under this url, but directed now to my shiny Blog with brand new… Continue reading

Apple Cinnamon Cake

Today is a confusing day…  The sun in shining so hard, you almost get sunburned and you could probably sit outside just wearing a T-Shirt. And we went ice skating. Sounds logical right?… Continue reading

Funfetti Meringue

It is Carnival! Hope you can enjoy this crazy time of the year, because honestly… I can not. I don’t really celebrate carnival nor do I really like it (sorry I am afraid… Continue reading

Cake Pralines (Cake Balls) in a Bundt Form aka Gugl Pralines

Last week I showed you my Snowflake Cake and I promised you to show you a sweet way to use the white cake leftovers. Well, here it is! I quite don’t know how… Continue reading

Snowflake Cake (Suprise inside Cake)

This feels so wrong! The sun is shining brightly, temperatures are about 10-12°C (in the sun our thermometer actually shows 24°C) and I am sharing a snowflake cake with you! Am I crazy?… Continue reading

Valentine’s Pomegranate Chocolate Pancakes with Blood Orange Syrup

I still owe you a post of my Valentine’s breakfast table. I have to admit that I didn’t prepare anything for this Day of Love in advance (bad bad food blogger) because life… Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Ideas

Isn’t the new year going by way to quick? Soon there will be the next holiday: Valentine’s Day! I have just closed the Christmas and New Years Eve chapter and now I have to… Continue reading

Sticky Orange Marmalade Rolls

I just came back from a long, exhausting but super amazing weekend with my family! My brother got married this weekend and I saw family members that I haven’t seen for years. The… Continue reading

Citytrip: Budapest

As promised I will show you a few pictures of our short weekend trip to Budapest, which is already almost two weeks ago… Unbelievable how fast time goes by, but oh don’t let… Continue reading

Persimmon (Kaki) Pistachio Upside Down Cakes

Can you imagine a food blogger without an oven? No? Me neither! Guess what happened to me this weekend… my oven broke 😦 Of course this has to happen on a weekend (so… Continue reading

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