Easter Lamb


At Easter it is a tradition for us to bake an Easter Lamb, and of course I continue this tradition when living on my own now 🙂 This year I decided to make a sponge cake lamb! It is actually quite easy and the result is just great; a fluffy light sponge. But you are free to bake any normal simple cake mixture you want! Normally I decorate my lamb just with Icing Sugar or brush it with heated jam and sprinkle some coconut flakes onto it. But this year I went for a different approach… but you can see by yourself 🙂 It may look like it would be much work, but it really isn’t! I made a simple buttercream icing and then covered the lamb with small rosettes using a piping bag.

For the lamb:

1. I started by mixing 3 eggs with 60g of caster sugar and a packet of vanilla sugar until very creamy and fluffy. I also added some lemon flavoring to the mixture, but feel free to add orange or vanilla extract just as you wish (the cake will taste great without flavorings as well).

2. In a different bowl I mixed 60g of flour with half a teaspoon of baking powder and sifted it bit by bit into the egg mixture. Gently fold it into the mixture with a spoon or a whisk. Be careful that you don’t whisk too much and get rid of all the air in the mixture! It needs to stay fluffy, so just gently fold all the flour in 🙂

3. Assemble the lamb baking pan and butter it so the lamb will not stick to it. Pour the batter into the form and let it bake for 40 minutes at 180°C. Let it rest in the form for 5 minutes before transferring it onto a wire to cool completely.


For the buttercream icing:

Beat 140g of really soft butter with 280g of Icing Sugar and if too think add 1 or 2 tablespoons of milk. I also added some lemon flavour to give it a fresh taste 🙂

When the lamb has cooled completely, I have iced the face of the lamb smoothly and added little rosettes on the whole body of lamb (just by using a regular piping bag with a rosette tip). For the eyes and the mouth I used little chocolate sprinkles, but feel free to use whatever you like 😀 And well, that’s it! It took me about 10-15 minutes to ice the whole lamb, so it really isn’t that big a deal. Give it a try, I think it is worth it as the lamb just looks so cute 😀



3 eggs
60g caster sugar
1 packet vanilla sugar
1 tsp lemon flavoring
60g flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
some butter to grease the baking tin

140g soft butter
280g Icing Sugar
optional: 1-2 tsp milk


My Easter Lamb was featured at the Sugar and Slice Link Party. Thanks a lot Lisa!