Review: Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

One of my most loved magazines at the moment is Sweet Dreams, which unfortunately for some of you is written in German. I am actually not aware whether there are different language editions. Anyway, these magazines for me are more like a source of inspiration. I have made several recipes out of it, but often I have twisted the recipes for my liking or just used ideas for my own creations.

The magazine I have baked the most from/found the most inspiration is definitive the autumn version of 2012. It is all about seasonal baking with plums, pears and apples. And did I mentioned it before…? I L-O-V-E apples, especially in baking! So obviously this magazine is really dear to me, and I could read it every day again and again. It has fantastic pictures, is easy to read, and although many recipes are for bakers with some experience, to be honest there is a range of recipes for everyone!  What I like about it is that I can easily find a new challenge and learn something new by trying out several of the more advanced recipes. But don’t be afraid, there is also a lot for the amateur baker, and overall the recipes are explained really good, so I guess it is a magazine for everyone 🙂

The recipes I have baked so far are the Cream Pear Gateau, which was originally intended to be without the white chocolate border around it but being covered with cream all around it.

Cream Pear Gateau

Another inspiration was given for this Apple Tart, which actually looks like little roses. The apples are peeled and than arranged onto the tart to form little roses, which I found very appealing and a nice, fresh new idea for an Apple Tart that looks quite exquisite!

Apple Rose Tart

There are still many more recipes that have inspired me or that I want to bake in the near future, so I will definitely update this post once I have made something new! If any of you got curious and want to order the magazine nevertheless, here is the link to the website and to their facebook page 🙂