Monthly Archive: March, 2013

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Again, Easter approaches far too early for me. What is it with holidays that they all of a sudden come around the corner and stand before me without having enough time to prepare?… Continue reading

Chocolate Fair

So, as mentioned earlier I was visiting the Chocolate Fair “Le Salon du Chocoalt” in Zürich this weekend. Together with my boyfriend and some friends we tasted like tons of different chocolates, so who wouldn’t have loved that… Continue reading

Chestnut Mini Gugelhupf

So, here it is… the last remaining winter recipe. I baked this one actually some time ago and then totally forget to post it! How is that even possible after baking these little… Continue reading

Baking Class: Bread

     This weekend I finally had the baking class I was waiting for for such a long time 😉 It was a birthday gift from my boyfriend and it was about baking bread!… Continue reading

Little Celebration Part II

I have already told you in this post about the little Celebration I had 😉 Well, besides all the sweet stuff which I have already showed you I also baked some savory snacks! I therefore choose… Continue reading

My Ov(om)altine Chocolate Chips Cookies

For my little Celebration I decided to bake some Ov(om)altine Cookies as I had still some left-over powder and spread from my Ov(om)altine layered cake and cupcakes ;). I simply used the recipe… Continue reading

A little Celebration

We had a little Celebration this weekend and of course I went all nuts with baking! Although we were only 8 people I wanted to make a nice little selection of sweet and… Continue reading

LOVE: Flea Markets

I have a new passion. Next to blogging of course and making good pictures of it… I recently got totally excited about nice crockery, cutlery, tablecloths, napkins and any other sort of fabric.… Continue reading

My Ov(om)altine Cake

This just might be one of  the better ideas I had in a long time 😉 I was making this cake for two lovely people as a big thank you cake and as… Continue reading

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