My Ov(om)altine Cake

Ovaltine Cake

This just might be one of  the better ideas I had in a long time 😉

I was making this cake for two lovely people as a big thank you cake and as those people happen to be Swiss, and I happen to just have moved to Switzerland, the idea was quite obvious to bake with Ovolmatine, right? (In German speaking countries, Ovaltine is called Ovomaltine… and as it is original from Swiss, I will stay with that name for now ;)) I decided to bake a small cake (Ø 16 cm) but nonetheless a layered cake of course 😉 The frosting I did with Ovomaltine spread, which is just a genius invention! Think Nutella, but less sweet, a hint of malt and best of all, this spread contains crunchy bits 😮 I went totally nuts when I first discovered this as this just might be the best thing on your breakfast bread! I also liked the idea of some crunch in the frosting, although the cake looked like having the measles it makes up for it in taste 🙂

Ovaltine Cupcakes

Obviously, I couldn’t give away a cake that I have never tried before, right? Who knows it might taste awful? So my boyfriend suggest to try out my idea first (probably because he wanted to have some of it for himself 😉) Therefore I made some cupcakes and calculated the recipe down a bit to make in total 6 nice cupcakes including some Ovomaltine Frosting of course 😉 You have to try every bit of it, don’t you? (*) Well my boyfriend and I we were pretty happy about it, so I could get started with the real deal: The Cake.

(*) The recipe below is double the amount, so it will make 12 cupcakes. If you want to make cupcakes instead of a small cake, you will only need half the frosting!

I baked the cake in a small cake tin which I had lined with baking paper at the bottom. After it had cooled I cut it in into 5 thin layers with a sharp knife. I spread the Ovomaltine Frosting onto the layers using a piping bag, as I wanted them to be even. Once assembled I spread the frosting around the cake and tried to smooth it 😉 For the cupcakes I additionally added some recently bought brown sugar stars for decoration.



  1. Melt the butter and set aside to cool.
  2. Beat the eggs with the sugar and a pinch of salt above a pan of hot water in a heat-proof bowl. The water don’t need to boil as all you want is hot steam touching your bowl. So set it on a medium heat and make sure that the bowl not actually touch the hot water.
  3. Beat until it gets creamy and thickens.
  4. Sift the flour, baking powder, cacao and Ovomaltine into the egg-sugar mixture and slowly and very gently fold it in with a spatula. Be careful not to beat out too much air from the mixture!
  5. Add the melted butter and mix once more until all is combined and creamy.
  6. If you want you can break up the Ovomaltine bar and mix it in for a bit of crunch in the cake as well.
  7. Bake the cake at 180ºC for 45-50 minutes (or until a cake tester comes out clean) and the cupcakes for 15-18 minutes. Check regularly as you don’t want to over bake it and end up with a dry cake…
  1. For the frosting beat the butter until creamy and add the Ovomaltine Spread.
  2. Beat until combined.
  3. Add the icing sugar to the mixture until you get the desired consistency.

Ovaltine Cake inside


  • If you can’t find the Ovomaltine spread, I guess you could substitute it with Nutella and mix that with a bit of the Ovomaltine powder.
  • Instead of the Ovomaltine bars you could use more Ovomaltine powder and subsitute the crunchy bits by adding other chocolate-covered crunchy bars.
  • If you want the cake to be sweeter add 180g of sugar instead of the 160.
  • As I wanted the frosting to be still spreadable and not too stiff (and not too sweet) I didn’t add too much icing sugar. If you prefer it sweeter or stiffer, feel free to add a little more icing sugar.

Ovaltine Cake

The Science/What I have learned:

I have told you that I am a little Scientist, so here comes some Science of why I did bake this cake the way I did it… yes, I was actually thinking about how to bake this cake 😉

  • Beating the eggs and sugar above steaming water first increases the air in the cake and results in a much lighter cake.
  • Melted butter is not mandatory at all, but I wanted a cake that is a little more moist.
  • I didn’t grease the baking tin to ensure that the cake bakes at an even height and not “slip away” as it would when the sides are greased.

Ovomaltine Cupcakes, eaten ;)


Makes one 5-layered  cake (Ø 16 cm) or 12 cupcakes

  • 4 Eggs
  • 160g Sugar
  • Pinch of salt
  • 140g Flour
  • 20g dark good quality Cacao
  • 20g Ov(om)altine
  • 1-2 bars of Ovomaltine crunchy bars
  • 30g Butter (melted)
  • 240g Butter
  • 480g Ovomaltine Spread
  • 300g Icing Sugar
My Ov(om)altine Cake was featured at the Taste and Tell Thursdays Link Party. Thanks a lot Deborah!