LOVE: Flea Markets

Flea Market Props

I have a new passion. Next to blogging of course and making good pictures of it… I recently got totally excited about nice crockery, cutlery, tablecloths, napkins and any other sort of fabric. In short: I love Props! I am almost addicted to find the perfect props which will fit perfectly with my baked goods and in total make a wonderful harmonious picture *dreams come true*. In reality I am still far away from it… It can costs us a few hours sometimes to make the perfect picture and though we are improving (I think), looking at other blogs makes me feel sometimes like a real amateur… Nevertheless, I found my true passion and I will stick to it!

Luckily, I make up a really good team with my boyfriend aka The Photographer who also gets more and more excited about props and food photography! As my prop collections is still in its infancy I slowly start buying random stuff that I like and honestly it is not only because of the food photography, but also because we like it more and more to have a nice little (well-ordered) chaos on the table with different dishes and cooking ware. Think Jamie Oliver, whom I really really adore, especially his non chef-y and leisure approach to cooking and plating up.

Flea Market Props

If you just start to stock up your equipment (which comes in handy just after moving) you don’t want to stretch your budget too much, so the obvious thought of course was Flea Market! Also this slightly chaotic look we want to achieve fits perfectly with second hand stuff 😉 The only thing I still like is to have at least 2 of the same pieces so the chaos gets a bit well-ordered and clearer 😛

This weekend we finally went to a Flea Market, as one happen to be around the corner of our new home… Like literally around the corner 😉 It is really hard work to find the pieces that actually would fit into your home between all the things that lies around at such markets. Let’s be honest, most of the things there don’t interest you at all and for the rest you are not sure if it would actually look good in your home. Well but this time we were lucky and really found a few nice pieces! I am just so excited about it that I don’t want to hold it back any longer and share them with you immediately 🙂 Next to 3 simple plates, a cute long dish and a nice simple silver cake lifter (well not real silver of course) I found between like hundreds of glasses these adorable dessert glasses!

Flea Market Props

I fell in love with them instantly and being back at home I think I love them more every minute 😉 I just can’t help myself but I feel like being in the movie Grease, wearing a Petticoat, sitting next to a jukebox and getting a glass like this with some ice cream or milkshake… most importantly is has a huge pile of whipped cream, some colored sprinkles and a cherry on top! Haha , that may sound so foolish and not be true at all… but that is just the feeling what I get when looking at them 😛 What do you think? I am still not sure what dessert I should make that would look good in these… any ideas for me? I am sure I will use them anyway very soon, and as Spring is approaching, some old school ice cream and whipped cream is never outdated, right? (And I might even have some colored sprinkles.)

Mini Muffin Tin

PS: Next to all the second-hand stuff I got myself this weekend, there was also a birthday present still waiting to be chosen… When I saw this great Mini Muffin Tin I knew I have to have it as I was already making up my mind what to bake at Easter and I might just have a cute idea where I would need some mini muffins for…

… to be continued 😉