A little Celebration

Little Celebrations

We had a little Celebration this weekend and of course I went all nuts with baking! Although we were only 8 people I wanted to make a nice little selection of sweet and savory snacks. It was in theory enough for everyone to have at least one or two of each, except for the macaroons and the savory snacks 😉 In practice however we had still enough snacks for the next two days 😉 But that didn’t really matter much, as I enjoyed the process of baking so much and I love having guests! (and we don’t mind either to have some yummie left overs for the next days ;))

Raspberry and White Chocolate Macaroons How To

For the sweet section I made some lovely macaroons. I have to admit that I never before ate them or baked them… so I had no clue how they should turn out or how they should taste?! Therefore I relied on the recipe of someone else without adapting it or giving it my own twist (I surely will the next time, can’t wait!!). I found a wonderful recipe at a blog site which I really like: The Pink Whisk. She has a great recipe for raspberry macaroons with a white chocolate buttercream and a raspberry filling! Now how great does that sound? 😉 (You can find the recipe here). And, I really really liked them! Surprising… because I am not such a big merengue fan and tasting the plain macaroons they pretty much tasted like that… but once the filling goes in, it is heaven! Although really really sweet 😛 I had a french girl present at my little gathering (maybe not the smartest move?) but she told me that they are really good and exactly as they should be 😀 I was soo happy! So that was my first macaroon experience which I am rather proud of, now I can start with experimenting along 😉 The only thing that I was not that happy about was the size of the macaroons. There were a bit too big for my taste and also not that uniform… But I guess it is a question of practicing so I am looking forward to that 😀

Raspberry and White Chocolate Macaroons

Another sweet thing I was baking for this occasion where some cupcakes which I wanted to try for a long long time already… There were lychee cupcakes topped with a mascarpone and raspberry (yep again)-rosewater frosting. I really liked the cupcakes as they were really light and the frosting not too sweet. Although I have to say that the lychees were only on top of the cupcakes, which isn’t a bad thing, as they became really soft. But I found it a bit too plain and would actually like to incorporated some lychees into the cupcake itself. I will try to give these cupcakes my own little twist  ( as I have just made them out of a cupcake baking book which I got a while ago) and hopefully will come back with my own version of this recipe soon as there are still some lychees waiting for me in the fridge 🙂 In the meantime for those who are interested in this version, it was a standard cupcake recipe but with half flour and half grounded almonds, lychees on top and baked until golden. For the frosting the mascarpone was mixed together with some raspberry puree (which I did beforehand by cooking some raspberries with sugar and than using a sieve to get rid of the seeds) and adding a bit of rosewater and icing sugar. Let everything cool in the fridge before piping it onto the cupcakes 🙂

Lychee Raspberry Rosewater Cupcake

This actually was a left-over cupcake, that's why the frosting changed a bit
of color :P

The last thing I was baking were some Ov(om)altine cookies! I still had some leftover powder and spread from my Ov(om)altine layered cake and cupcakes. So I though why not make some cookies with it? I basically just adapted the recipe from my peanut butter cookies which I made some while ago, but I will give you a fully detailed recipe in one of the next blogs 😉 But have a little sneak peak…

IMG_3436          Ov(om)altine Cookies

I also did a few savory snacks, which will be coming soon 😉