DIY: Vintage Frames

DIY Frames

Today I don’t provide you with a new recipe… Partly because my last two attempts failed (or well, kinda… still tasted good but there is room for improvement! The other one might just as well end up here at my blog… still thinking about it 😛 ) … but partly also because I started working and I still need to find my balance between working and blogging. Give me some time for it… pretty please 🙂  In the meantime, let me show you something completely different. Don’t know if you will hate or love it, so let me know! I however loved doing it,  it was so much fun! Hope you will enjoy it, too!

Since we have moved to our new home I am totally excited about decorating! Also, reading all of those amazing DIY blogs recently is really encouraging me! I do have pretty concrete ideas in my mind how I want things to look and can’t always find them in shops. So why shouldn’t I be able to craft things by myself? So, I gave it a try and I have to tell you… I LOVE IT. This could actually be my new hobby next to baking, of course 😉 But don’t worry, I will not switch from a baking blog to a DIY blog as I am not that talented as many people out there. I have only a few smaller projects going on here so there is not too much to blog about anyway… but I was so excited and also pretty proud if I may say so, that’s why I decided to show them here 🙂

Frames - How To     Frames - How To

I started of with some plain white frames I had laying around… I really love everything vintage and I wanted to bring some into my home. I had seen some really adorable vintage style frames, but highly priced! So I went to the local DIY store and bought the cheapest spray paint I could find… I didn’t know if I could actually achieve my ideas so why start with the most professional paints there are? 🙂

DIY: Frames

Well, it turned out making your own vintage frames is the easiest thing in the world, and I am actually so pleased with them that I now want to spray paint the whole apartment hahaha! It was just so much fun 😛  As the frames were already white I immediately sprayed painted them with the colors I bought (red, light blue, grey, ivory). I also used the gray and ivory spray to add some highlights to the other colored frames (red and blue). When everything was dry (it took the cheapest color actually more than 24 hours, the more expensive one dried after several hours) I simply used brown shoe polish and a small brush to add some brown highlights to the frames (as simple as that). Using kitchen paper I smeared the brown shoe polish to get a real used effect. I again let everything dry up (didn’t take long) and by using sandpaper I gave the frames the last finishing touch. I especially rubbed the edges of the frames with a fine sandpaper and using a really rough paper I added some scratches in the middle of the frames.

It is really so easy and so much fun to “destroy” these frames again after having painted them. So don’t worry and just be rough. If you don’t like it in the end you can always paint them over, right? 🙂

New Hallway - Before New Hallway - After

Finally I also gave my old chest a little uplift by adding new vintage handles. It was the simplest thing really, I saw some cute porcelain buttons in the right colors (white and turquoise) and just screwed them onto the doors. Finished 🙂 Although it is just a little thing, I like the transformation. With a low budget I was able to create the hallway just as I had imagined it 🙂

New buttons     New buttons

New buttons     New buttons

As I was still in craft-mood, I decided to make a huge collage with our pictures in the living room. Nothing really spectacular or difficult. I bought a huge frame (100×70) and some matching strong white paper and secured the photos with some tape on it. Actually, I used some special photo tape with transparent corners to put in the pictures. So I will be allowed to change some of the pictures over time. So I can make it more seasonal when I want to or add the newest holiday pictures anytime 🙂 Hope you like my ideas! 🙂

Photo Collage Photo Collage