My Month: June & July


That were some crazy month I can tell you. Probably the reason why I have been absent for a whole month!!! Can’t even believe that I survived that long without writing my blog. But you all will surely understand that there is also some real life out there that has its ups and downs and just carries you away sometimes… Well that what happened to me 😉  That and of course this fantastic summer weather which is sometimes so hot that you won’t even want to leave the house, let alone stand in the kitchen to bake! I am sure you were feeling the same and can understand me 🙂 I will tell you all about my last weeks in my monthly review, which is now called My Month. As I have missed the monthly review of June I will write now about my June & July. It will probably be an ugly long post but maybe you enjoy the many great pictures which my boyfriend made!


I don’t even know where to start after such a long time not writing, but lets start chronologically. Start of June I was not able to write a monthly review because we headed to the Netherlands for a wedding! Always a beautiful thing to join a wedding 🙂 And we were lucky with the weather, too! Of course there was also some family and friends to visit, so the time we spend there was quite busy 🙂  Coming back I went to the opening of a backing supply shop here in Zürich which I have been looking forward to quite a lot 😉 There are not too many shops in Zürich where you can buy baking equipment, so I was quite happy about that 😀

Also when we came back a had a little package waiting for me… you can guess what it was? If you have followed me recently (and maybe even voted for me) you know that I have participated in a baking competition from Philadelphia! And I won a Tassimo Coffee Machine! So so excited, as I have never ever won something before! And I can tell you I love our new kitchen member ♥ Thanks so so much for everyone that has voted for me!!

Tassimo Joy

Furthermore we had some visitors from the Netherlands staying with us for a week. It was really a great time as we had perfect hot summer weather and were able to make some really nice trips but also just enjoyed ourselves laying at the lake. Suddenly you see your own hometown as a place to spend a fine holiday, you only realize it when having visitors. We went up some surrounding mountains, lay by the lake, went swimming, hired a pedal boat and just had a great time ♥ The pictures below are from a nearby village which was really beautiful with a nice little castle on top of a hill and all surrounded by the lake!


Rapperswil  Rapperswil  RapperswilRapperswil  IMG_6962  Rapperswil

Of course there was also some summery tart that I had prepared! I tried something new and used melon to make a cream on top of a cake base. It was really refreshing and quite something new, although I was first afraid that it wouldn’t set but after using some more gelatin and some hours in the fridge it came out quite right! Really a great idea, taken from my Sweet Dreams magazine 😀

Melon Cake

I also met a friend from primary school, which I haven’t seen for years and years! So all in all, June was full of seeing friends ♥ Which is really great as there were also some down sides in June, which was me looking for a new job and applying and having interviews… That was really stressful I can tell you, but luckily all is solved now and I am ready to start a new phase of my life!


July started just like June, with a wedding 😉 This time in lovely England on the South Coast. What an absolutely fantastic wedding that was, like picture perfect!! The wedding ceremony was outside in a beautiful castle garden with view over the sea, sunshine and happiness! I felt so blessed to be part of that amazing day and seeing my friend again after such a long time! Thanks so much for having us ♥ Afterwards we added another 10 days to travel across the south of England and thanks to a heatwave in England we had sunshine all day long! It was just fantastic 🙂 We started in beautiful Weymouth where we stayed a few days, enjoying the old harbor, the beach and making a day trip to Corfe Castle where we were lucky to visit a local food and drink festival! Afterwards we had a great ride along the Jurassic Coast towards Exeter where we also stayed a few days. I can tell you that that was one of my favorites as we saw some beautiful small typical English villages and had a stunning view over the coast line! It was by pure luck that I bought a book by Rachel Joyce in Exeter that day and afterwards realizing that she will give a talk about her book that very evening in Exeter! How great it that and what a coincidence? I was able to go back and give them my book for signing it by Rachel Joyce! (the event itself was fully booked however, well that would have been too much luck wouldn’t it ;)). We made a day trip to beautiful Lyme Regis where we wanted to find some fossils but where out of luck. Instead we enjoyed the village, had some Cornish Pastry (yummie!!) and lay on the beach. Our next trip brought us to the small Isle of Weight which was also just lovely! We explored a few cities on the East Coast and saw some beautiful spots and had some great British Pub Food! Our trip terminated in Eastbourne and Brighton where we met some old colleague of us and strolled along some cute little streets filled with shops and coffee places. I will show you some of the pictures my boyfriend made:

Corfe Castle Food Market  Corfe Castle Food Market  Corfe Castle Food Market

Weymouth    IMG_7325

Lyme Regis   Lyme Regis

Isle of Weight  Isle of Weight  Isle of Weight

Isle of Weight   Eastbourne

Isle of Weight  Eastbourne  Isle of Weight

Brighton   Eastbourne

The weekend after we came back from England my parents came visiting and again we had lovely sunshine and heat! What a great weather to show my parents around my new hometown. We just strolled along the city, sat by the lake having ice cream, climbed a mountain and having some more great refreshments 🙂


Zürich   Zürich

And obviously I had to bake something sensational. And always when I want to bake something fantastic looking and tasting  I turn to my most loved Sweet Dreams Magazine (I really should give another review of them) and this time I found a great raspberry layered cake which sounded light enough for the summer but still had a lot of different layers and textures. I decided to skip the butter frosting all around the cake and instead only applied it on top to keep it from being too sweet and rich. As the cake was kept in the fridge for 24 hours it was super refreshing (also thanks to the whole raspberries) so it was perfect for a hot summer day!

Raspberry Layered Cake  Raspberry Layered Cake  Raspberry Layered Cake

Raspberry Layered Cake   Raspberry Layered Cake

When my parents came they brought me a package which I have been waiting for for quite some time… The new baking book from The Pink Whisk! I really love Ruth’s blog and have been looking forward to see her new book! She even signed it for me, so nice! I am thinking about giving a review of the book once I have tried several recipes, although I can already say that it looks really great and I like the layout and pictures!

The Pink Whisk: Cake Making

Last but not least I saw some more friends in July, enjoyed the summer in the city and started already working in my new job 🙂 Not too bad! Oh and just at the end of the month I was brave enough to re-enter my kitchen and bake this lovely red currant cake! I actually made this cake before with rhubarb and it was so simple and so utterly delicious that we ate almost all of it before realizing that we missed making some pictures 😛 This recipe is from the Sweet Dreams Magazine as well, but I am thinking of sharing it with you soon, as there are many red currants out there who would be happy to end up in this cake 😉

Red Currant Cake  Red Current Cake  Red Current Cake

Books I have read in June & July:

Quite a lot of time to read, what a treat in the summer to have time to enjoy a good book! And there where quite a lot of great books in the last two month! 

  • The Navigator of New York (Wayne Johnston) NL ♥
  • De Ooggetuige  (Simone van der VlugtNL 
  • Erken Mij (Esther Verhoef) NL 
  • Ohnmacht (Charles den Tex) NL 
  • The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (Rebecca Skloot) EN 
  • The Help (Kathryn Stockett) EN 
  • The Thirteenth Tale (Diane Setterfield) EN 
  • The Great Gatsby (F. Scott Fitzgerald) EN 
  • Perfect (Rachel Joyce) EN 
  • The Prisoner of Heaven (Carlos Ruiz Zafon) NL 
  • A Study in Scarlet & The Sign of the Four (Arthur Conan Doyle) EN 
  • The Hound of the Baskervilles & The Valley of Fear (Arthur Conan DoyleEN 

My Books: June & July  Balcony Herbs: Sage  My Books: Perfect