Monthly Archive: November, 2013

Bratapfel Cookies

Christmas is just around the corner, and can I tell you that this really is my most favorite season ♥ I am singing Christmas songs for two weeks now already, I know… I am… Continue reading

Secret Santa Cookies (Wichtel Kekse)

We have a nice tradition at work: Secret Santa or as it is called here wichteln. For those who are not familiar with the tradition, every year before Christmas we make some paper… Continue reading

DIY: Paper Cookie Bowl

A little time ago I saw some type of a paper cookie bowl in a magazine filled with Christmas cookies. I found it such a great and simple idea that I wanted to… Continue reading

Pear Cakes with Pecan and Maple Syrup Topping

Looking back I must confess that during Summer I did not bake a lot… A pity really, considering all the nice summer fruits like my all time favorites: berries, all kinds of! But… Continue reading

Chocolate Coffee Beans Cookies

I cant believe how much I love to stand in the kitchen and to bake ♥ I know that I wasn’t creating a lot of recipes or blogging regularly within the last few month,… Continue reading

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