DIY: Paper Cookie Bowl

DIY: Paper Cookie Bowl

A little time ago I saw some type of a paper cookie bowl in a magazine filled with Christmas cookies. I found it such a great and simple idea that I wanted to try it myself and of course share it with you ♥ It is really easy and super quickly made, so just follow the pictures and it will almost explain itself 😉

DIY: Paper Cookie Bowl DIY: Paper Cookie Bowl

DIY: Paper Cookie Bowl DIY: Paper Cookie Bowl

How to make Paper Cookie Bowls

  1. Get yourself some paper cake doilies and a string
  2. Thread the string through the holes of the doily
  3. Pull the two ends of the string together as tight as you want:
    For a cookie bowl: Pull the strings half way so you end up with a bowl. Make a knot to fixate it
    For a cookie bag: Fill the doily first with your cookies and pull the string all the way up so that it closes completely. Make a knot to fixate it

DIY: Paper Cookie Bowl DIY: Paper Cookie Bowl

My original idea was to make some paper cookie bags to send my cookies in for my FB Cookie Swap Matches… But as I heard afterwards, no matches were found in my country… which meant that I had to eat a whole lot of cookies myself  as I had already made two types of cookies ready to send of 😛 However,  I will certainly share the recipes with you here soon 🙂

In a few days I will show you in my next post how I used those little paper bags instead 😉