Christmas Calender Printable

December Calender and Planner

I hope you all had an amazing 1. Advent?

I surely had one as my parents came visiting me. What better way to start the Christmas Season as with your family? We really enjoyed our weekend together and went to a Christmas Market where we had our first Mulled Wine of the year! I actually cant remember the last time I was at a Christmas Market together with my parents. It was really nice and we enjoyed some typical Christmas Market Food 🙂 Can I tell you how much I enjoyed it? And only a few weeks to go and we  will all be united again under the Christmas Tree. I love Christmas ♥

Actually, we were not only this weekend super busy, but it happens to be that all the next few weekends (and sometimes even during the week) we have some events or parties planned. I am not complaining here, it was really quiet since we moved to Switzerland, so I am actually happy that I have now gatherings with friends and some Christmas Parties to join! But, I wouldn’t be a Food Blogger if I wouldn’t offer to bake some goodies for all those events 😉 So I have a huge list of things to bake and when I need to bake them, not only for those occasions, but obviously we also would like to enjoy some Christmas goodies for ourselves 😀

So I made a little Christmas Planner for myself where I wrote down all my events, the things I need to bake and when, and I left some space to write down some other ideas which I still have in mind, so that if I would have some free time at hand I could still make some of those (free time? well that will not happen though 😛). This weekend I thought that maybe one of you would also like to have a little Christmas Calender to plan and organised this bustling time of the year? Feel free to download the pdf file and print it! I would suggest to write all your events and ideas down in your pdf file and print it all together. Otherwise a plain white pen should do the trick as well once printed 😀

Have a joyful and organized Advent time!

December Calender and Planner

Download here:

Christmas Calender and Planner