Last Minute Gift: “5-Jahres Buch”

5 Jahres Buch (5-Year Book)

In one of my last posts I was asking you whether you already had all your Christmas gifts . . .

If you answered this questions with a loud NO, than I have here a last minute Christmas gift idea for you: a 5-Year Book (5-Jahres Buch) from the arsEdition publisher.

5 Jahres Buch (5-Year Book) 5 Jahres Buch (5-Year Book) 5 Jahres Buch (5-Year Book)

This book is really a sweet idea either as a Christmas gift or to keep for yourself 😉 It is organized like a regular calender with one day on one page. The fun part is however, that this one page per day is divided into 5 sections, so each year you can write what was going on on this particular day.

But to make it even more fun each page has a special tasks for you to answer like “How do you feel today?“, “What superpower would you like to have today?” or “What was your happy moment today?“.

5 Jahres Buch (5-Year Book) 5 Jahres Buch (5-Year Book) 5 Jahres Buch (5-Year Book)

At the end of the book you have a review section where you can rate each month of the year by stating whether it was a good or bad one, what was the highlight of the month or how was your mood in that month (I like that they use smiley faces for that :)).

5 Jahres Buch (5-Year Book) 5 Jahres Buch (5-Year Book) 5 Jahres Buch (5-Year Book)

Overall Impression: The first impression was a really good one. I was highly surprised by the good quality as the book looks very solid. It has a nice green linen hardcover (I like that a lot) and the whole interior is styled in the same green color scheme which gives it a fresh look. The pages are designed differently for each day using some figures and shapes in between which gives it a less monotonous look.

Each day is divided in 5 sections, one for each year, so there is not much space for a long story. However, the idea of the book as I get it, is to give an impression only of each day of the year over a 5-Year period. So therefore the space is enough, who wants to write and read a long story every day anyway 😛 In the end it should be like a nice little diary to give an impression on how the last 5 Years went.

5 Jahres Buch (5-Year Book)   5 Jahres Buch (5-Year Book)

I first though of giving this book away as a present for Christmas as I really liked the idea of it and especially the high quality of the book was appealing to me. In the end I decided to keep it to myself, selfish as I am, as it fits quite nicely with the period that I am working and living in a new country. I plan to keep it as a diary about my period abroad and hopefully can create a long lasting memory of my time here. So if you want to buy a last-minute gift and don’t know what, this book is highly recommended. Especially if you have friends or family who already have everything or a quite complicated as I think that this book is for every age and gender. If interested you can order the book here.

* I have received this book via the Blogg dein Buch website to write a review about it. I am allowed to keep the book, the only requirement is to write an honest review about it on my blog. All opinions are my own. 

I wish you a stress free last-minute Christmas shopping 🙂