Icing Sugar is 1 Year!!

Icing Sugar is 1 Year

I really cant believe it!

Icing-Sugar.net has turned 1!!

I am so grateful for the last year with all my dear readers, friends and family who made this place so special to me!

Ok, so maybe you think now: hey but I see some blogs from 2011, how is that possible? Are you older than 1 year ?

Icing Sugar is 1 Year Icing Sugar is 1 Year Icing Sugar is 1 Year

Let me tell you something about the Icing Sugar history:

It all began with a self-hosted wordpress.org blog (yes, back than I still had some webspace that I called my own). My family as well as my boyfriends family where always curious what I was baking and constantly asked for photos and recipes, after a while the demand became so big it made more sense to write a blog than to keep emailing the same thing to different people. However, I kept the website to myself, only close friends and family knew of it. I didn’t had pinterest, facebook or twitter back then to promote it. I also did not regularly read other baking blogs. It was a personal thing, which I nonetheless enjoyed a lot!

Life changed and we moved from the Netherlands to Switzerland to begin a new period of life. The first few months we lived in a basement with such a tiny kitchen I was happy to get any food on the table at all. An oven was nowhere to be seen so I was forced to not bake anything for months! After finally moving into our own apartment it took us some time to furnish, decorate everything and getting a new routine again. Slowly I started to bake again and re-discovered my passion for it! After a while I started thinking about my old blog and how I would love to share things again with my family and friends.

This time, however, I wanted things to be different… the old blog was flooded with spam and my hosting contract was about to run out. Therefore I decided to make life easier for me and get started with a wordpress.com blog! I kept the name (as I just liked it, but actually didn’t think a lot about it when I chose it in the first place) but started with a fresh blog and fresh layout. Some of my old posts, however, I liked so much, that I imported them with the picture and a short description. That is why you can see some old post dating back to 2011!

My first real post was published on January 13th and that is why I celebrate my blogging birthday today 🙂 I cant believe how much has happened within the last year of blogging. Real people out there are reading my posts, some even comment on them! I got some likes on facebook and have some followers on pinterest and twitter! All this I would have never dreamed of when I started blogging again a year ago!

Icing Sugar is 1 Year

To celebrate my 1st birthday I have decided that it is time to change my appearance: There will be a new logo that will hopefully come up soon and maybe even a new layout 😉 I am still considering to go back to wordpress.org, self-hosting just gives you a little bit more freedom… Any of you have some advice for me here? I actually thought about changing my blog name as well, but in the end I decided to stick with it. I think that it is cute and somehow suits my blog, but I will add a little slogan to it, lets wait and see 😉

The last few month I have struggled a bit with this blog as I started a full time job as a PhD Student, which doesn’t give you a lot of free time for baking and blogging. But I just cannot stop it, it’s still my biggest passion. For 2014 I am trying to find a better balance in life to maintain both the blog, my working and private life. I think so far it is going well, I am actually planning my blog now like I do with my experiments at work 😉

I am really looking forward what 2014 will bring me. I hope that I can connect more with other bloggers, share a few common projects (one I just started myself, curious if it will stay for a year) and enjoy this whole insane online baking world more than ever! If you want to connect with me there are different ways to stay updated:

By the way, Bloglovin is a really great way to get updated with any blogs you like! Just follow them and every time a new post comes online you can see it in your list. Click on it to get to the blog and read it. Once read, it disappears from your list. A really great way to keep your blogs organised and shows you what you read and what not 😉 

Icing Sugar is 1 Year

So once more a big thank you all for reading my blog and commenting and liking the things I write and bake. This means so much to me, and every single interaction with you makes me super happy and definitely makes my day! ♥ I hope you will stay with me for another year. I already have a huge bucket list for 2014 and if I can manage only half I should have plenty to blog about in the upcoming year !

♥♥♥ Thank you and Hip Hip Hurra ♥♥♥