Baking Around the Globe: Kelly @

Green Tea Panna Cotta by Kelly @

I just came back from a freezing cold but great weekend in Budapest 🙂 I really enjoyed our short stay there and hopefully by the end of the week I can show you some pictures of our little trip!

And speaking of Around the Globe (although it did take us only 1.5 hours to get to Budapest, so not nearly around the globe this time 😉) once I came back from my journey I had a nice email in my inbox from Kelly @ American Cupcake Abroad who had just finished her part of Baking Around the Globe (read about the project here)! It is so exciting to see the first few steps of the journey!

She made a mouth-watering looking Green Tea Panna Cotta and got inspired by Daisy from Never too Sweet who is an Australian born Chinese. So now it is up to Daisy to continue the journey and I cant wait to see who she will pick and what she will bake! I hope you will enjoy your part of this trip Daisy!

Baking Around the Globe 2