Valentine’s Day Ideas

Last Year's Valentine's Day

Isn’t the new year going by way to quick? Soon there will be the next holiday: Valentine’s Day! I have just closed the Christmas and New Years Eve chapter and now I have to come up with something sweet for my sweetheart within a few days.

But maybe only I feel like time is flying by? I have to confess that the last few weekends were just so busy and full of events that somehow I lost the feeling for time. This is also the reason why I haven’t come up with some Valentine’s treats just yet… However, I am planning a little something for the breakfast table for my Valentine’s Darling, but *sshhht* obviously I cannot give more hints just yet, you have to wait and see until the weekend 😉

But for now I want to give you a quick overview of the Valentine’s treats I made last year and maybe you feel inspired by them. I also looked at other blogs and found some nice ideas and here I want so share my top 5 favorites with you!

Beetroot Red Velvet Heart

This cake in heart form is naturally colored using beetroot. The beetroot not only provides the color for this cake but also adds moisture! It is almost like a brownie, super delicious! If you don’t want it that moist, add a little flour to get a more cake like structure. If I would do this cake again I would go for a thick cream cheese frosting, I think this is still a classical combination. (Beetroot Red Velvet Heart Cake)

Beetroot Red Velvet Cake

Stained Glass Heart Cookies

I still love the idea of Stained Glass Cookies, whether it is for Christmas on a tree or for Valentines Day for your loved ones! It is so much easier than you can imagine and the result is a real eye catcher! (Stained Glass Heart Cookies)

Stained Glass Cookies

Brush Embroidery Cookies

I wanted to try this technique for such a long time, and when I ended up with way too many heart cookies I knew it was time to get practicing. Again, it only needs a little time until you can master this technique and I guess that it would look especially great on some flowers for spring? Give it a try as the final cookies look just gorgeous. (Brush Embroidery Cookies)

Brushed Sugar Heart Cookies

On the world wide web

Lemon Raspberry Pie Crust (by Joy The Baker)

Sure all of you know Joy the Baker, she is probably the best known food blogger on the web and who doesn’t adore her? And who doesn’t adore her little Lemon Raspberry Pie Crust Hearts? I love this idea and baking small hand pies is actually on the top of my To-Bake-List. Maybe for the next holiday? 😉

Heart-shaped Cinnamon Rolls on a Stick (by Crazy for Crust)

Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls on Sticks is the Valentines Treat from Crazy for Crust. I love the idea to combine Cinnamon Rolls and Cake Pops and as a finishing touch make it heart shaped! Who wouldn’t love to get a treat like that?

Heart Cookies (by Von Honig und Vanille)Ronja from Von Honig und Vanille has made some heart shaped cookies which you can hang on your coffee cup! Great idea to serve coffee to your coffee-junkie boyfriend and add a sweet little extra on top!

Meringue Heart Pops (by Lauras Bakery)

The Dutch girl from Lauras Bakery came up with Pink Meringue Pops! They look super cute and I guess that this is the perfect go to treat for all of you that don’t have time to spend hours in the kitchen but still want to impress with something great looking!

Geeky Love Toppers (by Sweet Petite)And last but not least my true favorite as I am such a great geek as Shel from Sweet Petite: Geeky Love Cupcake Toppers! Using the chemical element system to say I love you is just genious and I cant help myself but as a Biologist I just have to love them! So creative!

I hope you liked my little Valentine’s Day overview and feel inspired to make something sweet yourself for the person that you love? Or do you ignore Valentines Day (as I used to for so many years)? It is still not my most favourite Holiday, but on the other hand: what is wrong to say to someone I love you and I care for you? In this sense,

I wish you a lovely Valentine’s Day, however you want to spend it ❤

Feel loved,  Rebecca