Monthly Archive: March, 2014

New Layout and Logo on Icing

Dear Followers and Readers, I have moved my site to a self-hosting domain. You can still find under this url, but directed now to my shiny Blog with brand new… Continue reading

Apple Cinnamon Cake

Today is a confusing day…  The sun in shining so hard, you almost get sunburned and you could probably sit outside just wearing a T-Shirt. And we went ice skating. Sounds logical right?… Continue reading

Funfetti Meringue

It is Carnival! Hope you can enjoy this crazy time of the year, because honestly… I can not. I don’t really celebrate carnival nor do I really like it (sorry I am afraid… Continue reading

Cake Pralines (Cake Balls) in a Bundt Form aka Gugl Pralines

Last week I showed you my Snowflake Cake and I promised you to show you a sweet way to use the white cake leftovers. Well, here it is! I quite don’t know how… Continue reading

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