Book Reviews


I was thinking about giving short reviews about the books and magazines I bake from or get my inspiration from. So that you can look up the recipes as well when you wish and that you know its worth baking from 😉 I have several sources of recipes and inspiration, both digital as well as good old fashioned printed ones! The ones online I will link to directly, as I will do with the books and magazines. There are several fantastic magazines out there, which I initially didn’t think of and only bought books. But have a good look around in a magazine store, I am sure you will be surprised! I am having all kinds of books and magazines: Dutch ones, English, German, Austrian, Swiss, about Baking, Cupcakes, Cookies, but also a lot about cooking, which I will not go into detail here as on this blog I want to focus on baking 😉 Well for now at least… 😛

So enjoy my little reviews about my favorite books and magazines!