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Rose Mini Cupcakes

Although my Mother is not living around the corner, I am thinking about her every day. And although she can’t actually eat these, I wanted to bake something super cute for her. Just… Continue reading

My Ov(om)altine Cake

This just might be one of  the better ideas I had in a long time 😉 I was making this cake for two lovely people as a big thank you cake and as… Continue reading

My Cucumber and Lime Cupcakes

It may sound a bit strange, but the idea came to me when baking my Beetroot Red Velvet Cake. I was wondering whether there are more vegetables suitable to bake with? I really… Continue reading

My Beetroot Red Velvet Heart

Ok, so maybe I celebrated Valentine’s Day twice this year, kind of compensating for the last years 😉 No, joking. Although I had made like tons of Valentine’s Day Cookies I suddenly though hmmm… Continue reading

My Stained Glass Heart & Brush Embroidery Cookies

So, there it is: Valentine’s Day. Honestly, I disliked it for quite some time. I found it way to commercial, a slap in the face for singles and all those pink and red… Continue reading

Cream Pear Gateau

I actually have never made a real gateau, with several layers of cake and cream. For my Birthday, this was the perfect occasion to finally try it! I decided to make a pear cake as it… Continue reading

Winter Cupcakes

It began to snow again and I was in the mood for baking some cupcakes. So it was quite obvious that I decided to make some winter-looking cupcakes! I haven’t worked with fondant… Continue reading

Coffee Cupcakes

These small treats are just perfect for everyone coffee-addicted (my boyfriend) but also for those who are not 🙂 The coffee can be found inside the cupcakes in form of dissolved coffee powder,… Continue reading

Blueberry “Graduation” Cupcakes

After finally graduating from University I have made these little fellows for our graduation / farewell party and they were a great success. I have used a standard blueberry muffin recipe but used… Continue reading

Strawberry Cakes

It is tradition in my family that every year my father buys a heart-shaped strawberry cake for my mother at Mother’s Day. So I thought about not making a heart-shaped strawberry cake but to… Continue reading

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