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Apple Cinnamon Cake

Today is a confusing day…  The sun in shining so hard, you almost get sunburned and you could probably sit outside just wearing a T-Shirt. And we went ice skating. Sounds logical right?… Continue reading

Snowflake Cake (Suprise inside Cake)

This feels so wrong! The sun is shining brightly, temperatures are about 10-12°C (in the sun our thermometer actually shows 24°C) and I am sharing a snowflake cake with you! Am I crazy?… Continue reading

Persimmon (Kaki) Pistachio Upside Down Cakes

Can you imagine a food blogger without an oven? No? Me neither! Guess what happened to me this weekend… my oven broke 😦 Of course this has to happen on a weekend (so… Continue reading


Sometimes life can be really crazy, don’t you agree? You are doing your best to organize both your life and your blog to have a bit more balance between them and achieve some… Continue reading

Classical Christmas Stollen (Christstollen)

There is absolutely nothing that screams Christmas and Tradition more than a classical Christstollen. I know this recipe is longer than the usual ones and contains some time for preparation but really, it… Continue reading

Pear Cakes with Pecan and Maple Syrup Topping

Looking back I must confess that during Summer I did not bake a lot… A pity really, considering all the nice summer fruits like my all time favorites: berries, all kinds of! But… Continue reading

Roasted Pumpkin Gugls (aka Bundt Cakes)

The leaves are slowly changing their colour from yellow to deep red. One of the things I love most about fall. A lazy Sunday and it is raining outside, what else to do… Continue reading

Apricot Almond Crumble Cake

I actually wanted to bake something summer-y. It just felt right with the sun shining all day and the temperatures still quite high. Knowing that is is already end of August however, I… Continue reading

Marble Guglhupf

When you had a terrible week with some big shocking news, all you want is to bake something simple and delicious! Chocolate is always a good option of course, so I went for a… Continue reading

Mandarin Curd Cheesecakes

Winter is over, after all 🙂 And to get rid of the last remains of it, I decided to use my last mandarins (who where too dry to eat anyway) to make mandarin… Continue reading

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