Category Archive: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Ideas

Isn’t the new year going by way to quick? Soon there will be the next holiday: Valentine’s Day! I have just closed the Christmas and New Years Eve chapter and now I have to… Continue reading

My Beetroot Red Velvet Heart

Ok, so maybe I celebrated Valentine’s Day twice this year, kind of compensating for the last years 😉 No, joking. Although I had made like tons of Valentine’s Day Cookies I suddenly though hmmm… Continue reading

My Stained Glass Heart & Brush Embroidery Cookies

So, there it is: Valentine’s Day. Honestly, I disliked it for quite some time. I found it way to commercial, a slap in the face for singles and all those pink and red… Continue reading

Red Velvet Cupcakes

  So shortly before Valentine’s Day I decided to make lovely red cupcakes for my love, and what recipe could be more suitable than Red Velvet Cupcakes 🙂 So I dived into my Kitchen cooking book by… Continue reading

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