Custard Buns

It’s weekend and we just want to relax and have something sweet together with our afternoon coffee. As my boyfriend loves sweets buns and I am not baking such treats really often, I… Continue reading

Apricot Almond Crumble Cake

I actually wanted to bake something summer-y. It just felt right with the sun shining all day and the temperatures still quite high. Knowing that is is already end of August however, I… Continue reading

Tropical White Chocolate Bars

Something sweet for the last hot summer days to dream away on some tropical island 😉 I made these white chocolate bars actually some time ago, but they where really delicious, especially when… Continue reading

My Month: June & July

That were some crazy month I can tell you. Probably the reason why I have been absent for a whole month!!! Can’t even believe that I survived that long without writing my blog.… Continue reading

Caramelized Nut Tartelettes

Finally I am back with my dear blog! I was so so busy with my hectic real life, but I guess everything is settled now and I can finally sit back and write… Continue reading

Ice Tea Cupcakes

Finally Summer has arrived at last 🙂 All week the temperature is nice and warm, the sun is shining, no clouds to be seen nowhere and I have for the first time this… Continue reading

Crunchy Muesli

How to make Crunchy Muesli. Or how to not make Muesli Bars… I will not pretend it, I am not perfect. Not at all. But how is the saying If life gives you… Continue reading

That was… May

Another month is gone, how quickly did that happen? May for me was really like a roller-coaster, many up and downs… Hope that there will be more ups in June 🙂 Looking out… Continue reading

Mojito -Lime- Pie

I wanted to make pie (statement) and found a recipe for lemon pie. Not just any recipe but one from my most favorite magazine Sweet Dreams! But this time from the Spring Edition.… Continue reading

Please vote for me

Can you remember my Philadelphia Tiramisu Cheesecake? In case you have forgotten I will show it to you once more 😉 I am actually so pretty excited about it I could jump around… Continue reading

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