Lemony CheeseCupCakes

These lemony CheesCupCakes are just yummie and super easy to make. The base is made out of regular cookies mixed with melted butter, chilled in the fridge until firm. The topping is made with cream… Continue reading

Blueberry “Graduation” Cupcakes

After finally graduating from University I have made these little fellows for our graduation / farewell party and they were a great success. I have used a standard blueberry muffin recipe but used… Continue reading

Strawberry Cakes

It is tradition in my family that every year my father buys a heart-shaped strawberry cake for my mother at Mother’s Day. So I thought about not making a heart-shaped strawberry cake but to… Continue reading

Easter Lamb

At Easter it is a tradition for us to bake an Easter Lamb, and of course I continue this tradition when living on my own now 🙂 This year I decided to make… Continue reading

Kärntner Reindling

Being half Austrian we always celebrate Easter in an Austrian way. For us this means home made smoked ham and sausages, cheese, an Easter Lamb Cake and a special egg salad with oil, vinegar and… Continue reading

Apple Plum Jam

I have to admit that I am not very fond of the jams you can buy: too sweet or to many pieces of fruit destroying my delicate toast 😉 I like my jam… Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I longed for cookies for a whole week and always forgot to buy some 😦 So, Friday night I spontaneously decided just to bake some 😀 I had all the ingredients here, so… Continue reading

Red Velvet Cupcakes

  So shortly before Valentine’s Day I decided to make lovely red cupcakes for my love, and what recipe could be more suitable than Red Velvet Cupcakes 🙂 So I dived into my Kitchen cooking book by… Continue reading

Mince Pies

This year I have made some mince pies for the very first time and I loved them! I baked them in a muffin tin, so I get this nice round shape and filled… Continue reading

Santa Claus’s Hat

I had some fondant left over from my Christmas cake of which I made little Santa’s hats 🙂 This would be great to set on top of cupcakes which have been iced or… Continue reading

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