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Snowflake Cake (Suprise inside Cake)

This feels so wrong! The sun is shining brightly, temperatures are about 10-12°C (in the sun our thermometer actually shows 24°C) and I am sharing a snowflake cake with you! Am I crazy?… Continue reading

Valentine’s Pomegranate Chocolate Pancakes with Blood Orange Syrup

I still owe you a post of my Valentine’s breakfast table. I have to admit that I didn’t prepare anything for this Day of Love in advance (bad bad food blogger) because life… Continue reading


Sometimes life can be really crazy, don’t you agree? You are doing your best to organize both your life and your blog to have a bit more balance between them and achieve some… Continue reading

Gluten-free Peanut Butter Cookies

Today I am starting my new project Baking around the Globe (what is Baking around the Globe? Its a baking project to connect bloggers around the globe by baking each others recipes, read more… Continue reading

Cappuccino Cup Pralines

Sadly the Christmas Season is over now and the next Holiday is already awaiting us: New Years Eve. I will be honest and tell you that I adore Christmas but am not a… Continue reading

Chocolate Salami

Do you already have all your Christmas gifts for this year? I have just ordered the last one and still need to wrap everything. But at least I managed to find something nice… Continue reading

Chocolate Coffee Beans Cookies

I cant believe how much I love to stand in the kitchen and to bake ♥ I know that I wasn’t creating a lot of recipes or blogging regularly within the last few month,… Continue reading

Tropical White Chocolate Bars

Something sweet for the last hot summer days to dream away on some tropical island 😉 I made these white chocolate bars actually some time ago, but they where really delicious, especially when… Continue reading

Marble Guglhupf

When you had a terrible week with some big shocking news, all you want is to bake something simple and delicious! Chocolate is always a good option of course, so I went for a… Continue reading

Philadelphia Tiramisu Cheesecake

Last week I strolled along the displays in the supermarket and saw an advertisement on the Philadelphia Cream Cheese packets: They were looking for the next cake-star and one could bake a cake… Continue reading

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