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My Ov(om)altine Chocolate Chips Cookies

For my little Celebration I decided to bake some Ov(om)altine Cookies as I had still some left-over powder and spread from my Ov(om)altine layered cake and cupcakes ;). I simply used the recipe… Continue reading

A little Celebration

We had a little Celebration this weekend and of course I went all nuts with baking! Although we were only 8 people I wanted to make a nice little selection of sweet and… Continue reading

My Ov(om)altine Cake

This just might be one of  the better ideas I had in a long time 😉 I was making this cake for two lovely people as a big thank you cake and as… Continue reading

Cream Pear Gateau

I actually have never made a real gateau, with several layers of cake and cream. For my Birthday, this was the perfect occasion to finally try it! I decided to make a pear cake as it… Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I longed for cookies for a whole week and always forgot to buy some 😦 So, Friday night I spontaneously decided just to bake some 😀 I had all the ingredients here, so… Continue reading

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