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Tropical White Chocolate Bars

Something sweet for the last hot summer days to dream away on some tropical island 😉 I made these white chocolate bars actually some time ago, but they where really delicious, especially when… Continue reading

Crunchy Muesli

How to make Crunchy Muesli. Or how to not make Muesli Bars… I will not pretend it, I am not perfect. Not at all. But how is the saying If life gives you… Continue reading

Little Coconut Treats

Slowly but surely Spring is approaching. What way to celebrate that better than baking little flower treats? I actually didn’t know how to call them… they are not cookies, definitely cake-y, but not… Continue reading

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Again, Easter approaches far too early for me. What is it with holidays that they all of a sudden come around the corner and stand before me without having enough time to prepare?… Continue reading

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