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Cappuccino Cup Pralines

Sadly the Christmas Season is over now and the next Holiday is already awaiting us: New Years Eve. I will be honest and tell you that I adore Christmas but am not a… Continue reading

Chocolate Coffee Beans Cookies

I cant believe how much I love to stand in the kitchen and to bake ♥ I know that I wasn’t creating a lot of recipes or blogging regularly within the last few month,… Continue reading

Philadelphia Tiramisu Cheesecake

Last week I strolled along the displays in the supermarket and saw an advertisement on the Philadelphia Cream Cheese packets: They were looking for the next cake-star and one could bake a cake… Continue reading

Coffee Cupcakes

These small treats are just perfect for everyone coffee-addicted (my boyfriend) but also for those who are not 🙂 The coffee can be found inside the cupcakes in form of dissolved coffee powder,… Continue reading

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