Monthly Archive: April, 2013

DIY: Vintage Frames

Today I don’t provide you with a new recipe… Partly because my last two attempts failed (or well, kinda… still tasted good but there is room for improvement! The other one might just… Continue reading

Little Coconut Treats

Slowly but surely Spring is approaching. What way to celebrate that better than baking little flower treats? I actually didn’t know how to call them… they are not cookies, definitely cake-y, but not… Continue reading

Philadelphia Tiramisu Cheesecake

Last week I strolled along the displays in the supermarket and saw an advertisement on the Philadelphia Cream Cheese packets: They were looking for the next cake-star and one could bake a cake… Continue reading

Easter Bunny Rolls

I know that Easter is gone (and Spring is still nowhere to be found…) but I still have to share these cute little Easter Bunny Rolls with you. Maybe they can be an… Continue reading

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