Baking Diary


Welcome to my Baking Diary,

where I want to share my daily/weekly/monthly baking experience with you!

This baking diary for me really means, that I can collect all the recipes that I have already baked and liked (also to remember them and where I found the recipe in the first place). But also to share these as an inspiration for you. I really feel that this is more like a practicing act, as I bake recipes from books and magazines to gain more experience and learn new techniques and combinations of flavor. I will share these with you not only to provide inspiration but also to share my mistakes with you so you wouldn’t need to make them as well 🙂 I actually still make many mistakes, most of them stay luckily unnoticed for others, but I learn every time I bake something new. And I always prefer to bake new things, to learn as much possible 🙂 In the post of my Baking Diary you will often find Tips or What I have learned-part where I share my experience with you, hopefully some of them are useful 🙂 And if not, it is still nice for me to remember what I did wrong, in case  I want to bake it again, haha!

I really think that baking is learning by doing and therefore my pursuit is to find perfection in my very own way of baking. I would be more than happy to share that with you! And who knows, maybe this blog will also indicate that my skills are improving over time, so lets wait and see 😀

In the meantime, enjoy my blog and most of all enjoy baking and stay inspired!
Take care, Rebecca

PS: If you are interested in my very own recipes which I have developed over time, just go to Own Recipes and choose a theme 🙂