About me

justmeI am a 28-year old amateur baker and recently became a  fanatic blogger. There is a whole exciting world of blogging in the world wide web just waiting to get explored! And now I am throwing in my little baking blog as well. As if anyone would care about it? Not so sure, but I love to write it anyway and I put –next to baking– all my love into it! A few facts about me? Well, I guess it won’t hurt to tell a little about the girl behind Icing Sugar. A few things I really adore (next to baking and blogging) are  reading (like everyone else), travelling (also is there anyone who don’t like to travel?),  cute dresses,  vintage accessories (not that I have much), I adore mandarins out of a tin, there is nothing cuter than squirrels and since I can think I am in love with whales ♥

What’s more? Many counties and cultures have influenced me and my baking as I am half-Austrian, half-Dutch, have been living in both countries as well as in Germany, England and Switzerland. So expect some country-typical baking! Saying England, does not necessarily mean that my English is flawless. So please pardon me, when you find mistakes in my writing. But feel free to let me know, I am always eager to learn the English baking language 🙂


It may sound a bit old-fashioned, but baking really is my biggest passion. What I especially enjoy is that you have to be very precise but also need love and patients to make something beautiful. Most of all I like the creative part and to decorate my baking goods to look pretty and appealing 🙂 As a scientist (or at least I like to think of myself as a scientist already, right now I am still a PhD Student) I am used to work precise, that is actually not that different with baking. But sometimes I miss the creative part of it, of course you have to be inventive also, but it is different… Baking gives me this balance in life, which I couldn’t miss any longer! But still the scientist stays in me even during baking as I am always very curious about why we do the things the way we do in baking, and what’s the secret of a good cake and cookie 🙂 I hope that I can also share these little scientific aspects with you as well!


I love cooking. Love. Although I sometimes I find every-day cooking can be quite a challenge when you come home late from work… But as soon as I have the time and especially in the weekends I like to make a little feast for just the two of us (my boyfriend and me). I think that you not always need to have guest or a special occasion to make something special. Cooking and baking enables me show the people I love that I care for them, which makes me happy. Somehow cooking feels easier for me than baking. Although improvising most of the times it turns out quite right. Baking is a different story… I started baking a lot later than I started my cooking and it really took me some practice to get nice cakes and cupcakes on the table. But that was the challenge for me! To improve my baking, learn from my mistakes, make new mistakes, learn about new techniques, flavor combinations, getting creative and inspired and somehow in the end create my own little repertoire of recipes and to inspire others. Maybe you? So that’s why this blog isn’t about Food in general, or cooking, no that’s why it is about baking only 😉 (well, for now 😛 and who says that baking always has to be sweet? 😉)


Roasted Pumpkin Gugls

Now is the time I feel comfortable enough to share my baking experience with you, although I am not an expert and sometimes things still don’t work out the way I want them to. But still, I hope that you can get some inspiration and maybe also start baking and become creative! I see this blog as a kind of diary where I can write down my experiences, give tips –if I have any– and make a collection of what I have been baking so far. In the mean time I am trying to create my own recipes and decorations which I want to share with you. Sometimes, blogging can make you feel pretty “naked”. You put your inner thoughts and emotions in words available for everyone to read. Presenting own recipes is almost the same. It is a part of you, you created it and now you show it to the world. Will people like it, will people even care about it? Well anyway, I like sharing recipes, even it is only for my own good to be able to bake my creations again 😉 Hope you enjoy my little blog, one of so many out there and that you can find some inspiration 🙂

Take care,